giovedì 7 marzo 2019

La Rev monocorona

Follia, marketing o una concreta opportunità di semplificare la meccanica?

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MINO_73 ha detto...

Pro: cambiate più rapide e sotto moderato sforzo, un pochino di peso in meno, maggiore semplicità di uso.
Contro: minore resa e maggiore usura nelle marce più estreme.
C'è solo da scegliere in base alle proprie esigenze o preferenze...

freddyflatfoot ha detto...

Hi Marco. What cassette/chainring combo are you using?
With my 10 speed setup, I could get a Sunrace 11-46 cassette, and paired with a 46t chainring, I would 'lose'maybe a bit of top end speed, and maybe a little on the lower end.
So, in theoretical terms, you may not have enough range. However, in practical terms, you may not be losing too much at all!
How often do we really find ourselves in the highest gear?
And if you can still climb satisfactorily in the lowest gear, have you really lost?
That is a question only an individual rider can answer!
I still like my double chainring and wide 11-36 cassette. It works for me.
But who knows? I might be just as happy with a wider range cassette and a single chainring!
If you ride in a mostly flat terrain, then a 1X system would be the way to go!

Marco Ruga ha detto...

11-40 cassette, 44T chainring